Jettison in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Jettison

to eliminate something

Examples of Jettison in a sentence

In order to conserve fuel, the pilot was forced to jettison some of his passengers’ suitcases. 🔊

The company president’s decision to jettison most of the workforce was made in order to save the business from bankruptcy.  🔊

Because the new stroller is not selling well, the company has decided to jettison it from their product line. 🔊

Keep the good memories in your heart and jettison the bad ones.  🔊

When I ended my awful marriage, I decided to jettison my past and start a new life.  🔊

The astronauts had to jettison unwanted materials off the space center in order to make room for more equipment.  🔊

Since the current conduct policy is not showing positive results, the principal has decided to jettison the plan and design a new system.  🔊

The pilot will jettison the bombs as soon as the plane is over the target area.  🔊

To run a successful hotel, staff members should jettison the idea of simply selling rooms and focus on creating lasting relationships with customers.  🔊

The television show’s ratings were so low the network decided to jettison the program.  🔊

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