Verbiage in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Verbiage

speech or writing that uses too many words or excessively technical expressions

Examples of Verbiage in a sentence

In an attempt to confuse the jury, the attorney used a lot of legal verbiage. 🔊

The book’s verbiage makes it a difficult read.  🔊

Through its verbiage, the campaign poster implies John Smith is the better candidate. 🔊

Politicians often use verbiage to mislead voters.  🔊

Even though the Bible is filled with verbiage, it is still easy to understand.  🔊

When writing an essay, you should focus more on providing facts and less on stuffing the paper with verbiage.  🔊

While I normally like this magazine’s articles, this month they contain an excess of verbiage which makes them boring.  🔊

As a writing teacher, I hate having to sort through all the verbiage my students use to pad their papers.  🔊

My minister is known for his excessive verbiage.  🔊

The literary editor removed some of the unnecessary verbiage from the short story.  🔊

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