Rhetorician in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Rhetorician

an expert in formal rhetoric. a speaker whose words are primarily intended to impress or persuade

Examples of Rhetorician in a sentence

Hitler was a renown rhetorician whose uncanny charisma and ability to persuade attracted many to the Nazi cause.  🔊

Gandhi’s training as a lawyer turned him into a brilliant rhetorician whose speeches persuaded thousands to seek non-violent independence from the British.  🔊

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s was not only a pivotal activist for civil rights, but a compelling rhetorician whose “I Have a Dream” speech still resonates today.  🔊

The businessman was so successful because he was a rhetorician who perfected the technique of using simple, easy to understand arguments that attracted investors.  🔊

In Emma Watson’s speech to the United Nations, her skill as a rhetorician was evident in her passionate delivery and rational arguments.  🔊

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