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Definition of Risible

provoking laughter

Examples of Risible in a sentence

After suffering through a busy tax season, Bob and his fellow accountants went out for some risible entertainment at the local comedy club.  🔊

If you stick with the most risible elements of your speech, your audience will be so relaxed from laughing that you’re bound to win their support.  🔊

While that type of thinking isn’t entirely risible, we’ll have to do some careful digging to get some value out of the idea.  🔊

Bennett loves to laugh, so he approaches everything in life with a keen sense of humor and a risible point of view.  🔊

Even though most of the public felt that the owners of the team had chosen a risible mascot, the crowd still cheered as the giant squid led the team onto the field.  🔊

When a comedian’s material and delivery is sufficiently risible without vulgar language, it’s very puzzling why so many comics resort to profanity to get a laugh.  🔊

Compared to the previous pastor who always preached fire and brimstone, the opportunity to chuckle at the risible comments of Brother Blake is a delightful change.  🔊

With their risible antics, the rodeo clowns entertained the audience and distracted the bull so the cowboy could make it to safety.  🔊

Because he could see a risible element in the behavior of his annoying colleague, he was the only person in the entire office who didn’t totally ignore him.  🔊

Despite his generally risible nature, Howard couldn’t find anything to laugh about when he heard the rumor that his ex was engaged to his best friend.  🔊

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