Salubrious in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Salubrious

something that is good for you or is beneficial to mind or body

Examples of Salubrious in a sentence

1. Vegetables are salubrious foods which provide essential nutrients. 🔉

2. While nuts are salubrious on a nutritional level, eating too many of them can cause you to gain unwanted weight. 🔉

3. Rumor has it that the spring waters in our community are salubrious and filled with healing oils.  🔉

4. Because of his religion, Hiram was a very salubrious eater who ate only vegetables and fruits. 🔉

5. Janice has decided to open a salubrious restaurant specializing in grilled foods.  🔉

6. When I am ill, I try and retain my health by taking salubrious herbs. 🔉

7. In cities where alcohol sales are prohibited, people tend to live longer and have more salubrious lives.  🔉

8. Because Elizabeth wanted to stay salubrious, she never missed her yearly physical with her doctor. 🔉

9. Although I have a small headache, I feel pretty salubrious for the most part. 🔉

10. Since I have been working out with a personal trainer, I have started eating a salubrious diet. 🔉

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