Scatter in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Scatter

to throw in various and often random directions

Examples of Scatter in a sentence

The old woman sitting in the park would occasionally scatter birdseed around her to attract the fowl in the area. 🔊

Finished with the semester, I figured there was no need to keep my old papers, and I threw them all into the air, content to let the wind scatter them. 🔊

The firework we launched into the air seemed to scatter in every possible direction when it exploded, filling the sky with light. 🔊

The dandelion seeds I blew away from their perch would inevitably scatter across the area as the wind carried them into the distance. 🔊

The fish food I poured into the tank began to scatter as soon as it made contact with the water, spreading to every corner of it. 🔊

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