Loose in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Loose

not firmly or tightly in place

Examples of Loose in a sentence

My pants were a bit loose around my waist, so I needed to find a belt to hold them up before I left the house. 🔊

A loose screw in my ceiling fan was causing it to make an extremely irritating noise, so I tightened it with a screwdriver. 🔊

I was worried that the things in the back of my dad’s truck would fly out because the straps we tied them down with were loose. 🔊

I usually hate trying to open caps on bottles, but thankfully the one on my drink was pretty loose and came off easily.  🔊

Baggy pants are a loose article of clothing that doesn’t cling to your body like skinny jeans or spandex.  🔊

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