Separation of Powers in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Separation of Powers

the political system in which the power of the government is split into different branches to avoid consolidation

Examples of Separation of Powers in a sentence

The separation of powers in the American government divides the power of between three different branches.  🔊

A tyrannical government does not employ separation of powers, since it would rather consolidate all of its power into one source.  🔊

The separation of powers in a government is usually a feature of democracy, since tyranny does not want to let its power go to others.  🔊

The separation of powers is most commonly regarded as a feature of American democracy, where power is divided between the executive, legislative, and judicial branch.  🔊

If you want a government that is not prone to tyranny, it is wise to divide the power between multiple branches in a separation of powers system.  🔊

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