Legislate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Legislate

to pass laws

Examples of Legislate in a sentence

Adultery is wrong, but we don't try to legislate laws against it.  🔊

We should not have to legislate free speech to protect students who hold unpopular opinions.  🔊

The government cannot legislate our morals, but it can limit our access to dangerous people through legislation.  🔊

Gun-control activists are asking the government to legislate laws restricting access to guns.  🔊

The senator will legislate anything that will give him a political boost.  🔊

Believing in pro-choice, Maria believes politicians with zero knowledge of the female body should not get to legislate it.  🔊

Despite our first amendment rights, some people worry congress may legislate free speech constrictions on social media platforms.  🔊

Ralph requested that the senate legislate against pollution.  🔊

Judges ought to judge, not legislate from the bench.  🔊

The legislature is notorious for its inability to legislate.  🔊

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