Misdemeanor in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Misdemeanor

a minor crime

Examples of Misdemeanor in a sentence

After driving her vehicle on a suspended license, the woman was slapped by the court with a misdemeanor requiring her to pay a fine and spend the night in jail.  🔊

Even though most domestic violence assaults will result in a misdemeanor, the criminal received a felony conviction since this was a repeated crime.  🔊

If the ex-convict decided to fill out a job application, he may be required to list the misdemeanor he was charged with a few years ago since he served jail time.  🔊

During the car chase, the police arrested the driver for a misdemeanor of reckless driving as well as a few felonies of endangering the lives of others.  🔊

After serving 8 months for his misdemeanor, the man learned his lesson and vowed to never commit even the smallest crime again.  🔊

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