Shipwreck in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Shipwreck

the destruction of a ship at sea

Examples of Shipwreck in a sentence

1. The lone survivor of the shipwreck, the injured man looked for anything on the shore to cover his wound with. 🔉

2. During the sinking of the titanic, many were unable to escape the shipwreck because there were not enough lifeboats. 🔉

3. Shipwreck salvage companies are used to recover treasures lost at sea after a ship is destroyed. 🔉

4. Many a shipwreck has resulted in ruin in the mysterious place referred to as the Bermuda triangle. 🔉

5. Fearing that the storm would cause destruction of the fleet, the perceptive pilot avoided a shipwreck by changing directions. 🔉

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