Shortcoming in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Shortcoming

a deficiency or failing

Examples of Shortcoming in a sentence

Her only shortcoming shown on the report card was in science because her lab reports were not written in the correct format.  🔊

Jason was hired for the prestigious job despite his shortcoming involving his slow typing speed, but it was overlooked due to his strong background in the field.  🔊

Due to its educational shortcoming, the city lacked high test scores which caused the city to fall to the bottom of the state’s educational list.  🔊

The Cheerleading Squad chose Alicia over Frieda due to Frieda’s shortcoming in the tumbling area.  🔊

Due to her shortcoming in map skills, Ashlyn decided to pursue another occupation instead of meteorologist even though she was fascinated by weather.  🔊

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