Undermine in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Undermine

to weaken, hinder, sabotage

Examples of Undermine in a sentence

1. Chloe hoped that her allergies were not going to undermine her ability to perform in the recital. 🔉

2. When engineers came to examine the cracks in the structure of the building, they discovered that years of flooding had worked to undermine the foundation. 🔉

3. I had to cut down the beautiful willow tree because the roots were beginning to undermine the rock wall. 🔉

4. While Abby tried to be friends with the girls in the popular group, her twin brother was always trying to undermine her efforts by embarrassing her and saying dumb things. 🔉

5. Because Tammy always tried to undermine the principal’s authority by taking her complaints to the school board, her contract was not renewed at the end of the year. 🔉

6. Although Marissa was afraid that her mother-in-law’s constant interference could undermine her marriage, she concluded that it was still better to stay in the same town. 🔉

7. During World War II, female broadcasters such as Tokyo Rose were employed by the Japanese to spread propaganda and undermine the morale of Allied troops. 🔉

8. The secret organization sent beautiful women to spy on members of the military and undermine their loyalty. 🔉

9. To undermine her opponent’s confidence, Vanessa started shouting a war whoop every time she served the ball. 🔉

10. If Jake was going to undermine Leslie’s resistance to his charms, he would need to punch up his strategy and include gifts and maybe a love poem or two. 🔉

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