Significance in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Significance

worthy or valuable in a certain way

Examples of Significance in a sentence

Timothy didn’t know the significance of the pocket watch his father gave him when he was a teenager until he found out later that it had been passed down for many generations.  🔊

Due to the significance of the elderly victim’s age, pneumonia will affect them more severely than someone who is younger.  🔊

After analyzing the poem, students recognized the significance of the rose as being the main symbol relating to the overall theme in the poem.  🔊

Even though I can afford my tuition being raised by $500, the significance of the tuition increase every year proves that the college isn’t budgeting their money effectively.  🔊

When my friend’s backpack was stolen in the foreign country, the significance of her missing passport and visa caused concern since she was unable to leave the country.  🔊

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