Silt in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Silt

fine deposits of silt or clay that are carried by moving water or wind and settle at the bottom of a river

Examples of Silt in a sentence

Larger than clay but smaller than sand, pieces of silt are moved by the fast-moving Mississippi and settle at the bottom of its river banks. 🔊

The thick particles of silt were moved by the wind and created a sludge pile at the delta end. 🔊

After the New Orleans floodwater went away, huge piles of silt were left in sediment mounds around the buildings. 🔊

The science teacher explained that silt is a dust-like sediment that water, ice, and wind transport and deposit into other places. 🔊

Many species of frog hibernate in muddy silt deposits at the bottom of riverbeds. 🔊

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