Rudder in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Rudder

a part of a ship or vehicle found underneath that is used to turn the vehicle from side to side

Examples of Rudder in a sentence

When the Titanic was raised into the air, the people in the lifeboats could see the rudder that was underneath the ship.  🔊

After the iceberg was spotted, the officers on duty tried to maneuver the ship around the iceberg using the rudder.  🔊

Both engines failed in the airplane causing the airplane pilot to use the rudder to try to steer the vessel safely to the ground.  🔊

Since the large ship was approaching the shore, the captain used the rudder to turn the ship away from the shore.  🔊

When the rudder malfunctioned, the vehicle remained on a straight course in one direction.  🔊

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