Submerge in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Submerge

to sink out of sight

Examples of Submerge in a sentence

To test how long I could go without breathing, I decided to submerge my head into a bucket full of water. 🔊

I began to slowly submerge myself into the sauna, as the bubbling hot water soothed my tired body. 🔊

Harry knew that the boat was about to capsize and submerge beneath the water, so he ordered the men to don lifejackets. 🔊

Instead of dressing salad the conventional way, I like to submerge my vegetables into a bowl of olive oil before eating them.  🔊

Strumming the guitar and singing soulfully, Bill can submerge himself into a song to such an extent that he no longer knows where he is.  🔊

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