Submissive in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Submissive

yielding; passive

Examples of Submissive in a sentence

1. After months of training, our aggressive dog finally became submissive.  🔉

2. The controlling man wanted a submissive wife who would bow to his every command. 🔉

3. While Sarah may seem like a submissive woman, she is really a forceful person who will not stop until she achieves her goals. 🔉

4. Once the horse becomes submissive, Ryan will be able to ride it. 🔉

5. My submissive husband allows me to have everything I want. 🔉

6. When a dog is submissive, it will rest on the floor and often roll onto its back. 🔉

7. Ken is so submissive he often ends up doing his coworkers' assignments.  🔉

8. During the rebellion, the slaves showed they were not happy in a submissive role. 🔉

9. The attorney asked the defendant to dress like a submissive schoolteacher during the trial.  🔉

10. As soon as the cop raised his gun, the submissive suspect laid down on his stomach. 🔉

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