Tailor in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tailor

an individual who is employed to make clothing alterations

Examples of Tailor in a sentence

The tailor knelt by the bride’s feet and hemmed her dress to the perfect length.  🔊

During Victorian times, girls with fortune and a large dowry made monthly trips to the tailor to have the latest fashions from Paris made for them.  🔊

When Lexi ripped her favorite dress, she quickly made an appointment with her local tailor to have it mended.  🔊

The tailor waded through hundreds of bolts of fabric in search of the shimmering gold lamé his client ordered for her prom dress.  🔊

A skilled tailor can guess a person’s dress size simply by looking at them because they’re so accustomed to taking body measurements.  🔊

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