Tepid in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tepid

displaying little interest or enthusiasm

Examples of Tepid in a sentence

The play’s premiere received tepid reviews from the disappointed critics.  🔊

From Jared’s tepid response, it was obvious he did not like his Christmas gift.  🔊

The president has seen his popularity grow tepid ever since he mishandled the budget crisis.  🔊

After ten years of marriage, the couple’s sex life has become tepid and unexciting.  🔊

The book’s tepid reception made the author very unhappy.  🔊

At the movie premiere, the director’s unusual film earned only a tepid response from the conservative audience.  🔊

My sister recently lost her government job because the state’s tepid economy has resulted in numerous cutbacks.  🔊

Because of poor sales this year, the company has a tepid forecast for its profit margin.  🔊

Sheila knew her husband’s passion had become tepid when he stopped kissing her each morning.  🔊

When Jane only gave me a tepid reply to my marriage proposal, I had a serious doubt about our future together.  🔊

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