Baleful in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Baleful

hinting at possible harm or danger

Examples of Baleful in a sentence

With a baleful stare, the gang member pointed his gun at the unarmed police officer. 🔊

The witness was frightened when the defendant gave her a baleful glance filled with hatred. 🔊

When we approached the frightened dog, it gave us a baleful growl. 🔊

With baleful eyes, the vulture stared at the injured rabbit. 🔊

Before June hit Trina for talking to her boyfriend, she had attempted to warn her away with a baleful stare. 🔊

Pam got baleful looks in the theater because she would not stop talking. 🔊

In the film, the killer's baleful eyes threatened everyone. 🔊

The evil stepmother wore a baleful expression whenever she looked at her unwanted stepdaughter. 🔊

As soon as Frank heard the baleful winds, he knew a dangerous storm was approaching. 🔊

I was frightened by the baleful look the strange man gave me. 🔊

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