Aloof in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Aloof

removed or distant either physically or emotionally

Examples of Aloof in a sentence

The aloof princess stood in a corner alone.  🔊

Because Harry was aloof, he did not have many friends.  🔊

The new kid in our school is aloof and does not talk to anyone.  🔊

In mythology, the Gods are generally aloof from mankind.  🔊

I did not talk to my favorite celebrity at the party because he seemed aloof and not open to making new friends.  🔊

As aloof creatures, most cats prefer to be alone.  🔊

The queen has an aloof personality which makes her appear snobbish to most people.  🔊

While my mother may seem a bit aloof, she is really a very caring woman.  🔊

On the television show, the reality star seems aloof from her friends and rarely leaves her home.  🔊

The aloof widow did not shed a tear at the funeral.  🔊

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