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Definition of Teutonic

relating to the ancient Celtic tribe known as the Teutons

Examples of Teutonic in a sentence

The German language is derived from the Teutonic language of the past, used by the Teuton tribe of Celts.  🔊

The Teutonic Knights was a Germanic order vaguely derived from the Teutonic values of the ancient Teuton tribe.  🔊

The Teutons were an archaic tribe of Celts that spread their Teutonic ways to much of Germany and influenced the culture of Germanic Europe greatly.  🔊

The Germanic countries of Europe are mostly descendant of Teutonic society in nearly all ways, especially language and bloodline.  🔊

Nearly all Germanic languages have some basis in the Teutonic language that was spoken by the Teuton tribe of ancient Europe.  🔊

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