Tesserae in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tesserae

a small square of material used in ancient times for a token, ticket, tally, or other such item

Examples of Tesserae in a sentence

Most civilizations of the past liked to use precious materials as tesserae, which is why ancient Rome used gold for their currency.  🔊

The tesserae we use to represent money in our modern society is paper money and metal coins.  🔊

A tesserae can be anything that a society wants it to be, but precious metals were often used as symbols of money, such as gold and silver.  🔊

Gold coins are often used as tesserae currency in fantasy video games, because most of society recognizes gold as having real value.  🔊

Because every society needs something physical to act as a token for money, ancient societies may have used bone or stones for this purpose.  🔊

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