Telemetry in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Telemetry

the act of recording and transmitting data from an instrument

Examples of Telemetry in a sentence

We’ll use telemetry to send our research data to the other station, and they’ll be able to interpret what we saw on the radar. 🔊

If one station detects something important on their instruments, they’ll use telemetry to send it to others so everyone can know about it. 🔊

Radar stations use telemetry to record their data and then send it to other stations for analysis. 🔊

We’re going to use radio telemetry to send this hurricane data to the other station, that way they can warn everyone of what’s coming. 🔊

We received the information from the radar station through radio telemetry, and now we’ll be able to analyze the data and see what it means. 🔊

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