Timeliness in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Timeliness

the act of something happening at an appropriate period or instant

Examples of Timeliness in a sentence

Due to the timeliness of the child’s birth, the teacher was able to have her baby in the summer and not miss any work.  🔊

Timeliness is important when it comes to throwing an active grenade because throwing it too soon will probably allow the enemy to escape and throwing it too late could be life-threatening.  🔊

When the child lied over and over again, the timeliness of his honesty was significant at this point since this was a dangerous moment.  🔊

Since the drug addict was already hospitalized for an overdose, the timeliness of the intervention for this person was vital for her survival.  🔊

The timeliness for harvesting the crops made the farmer work day and night in order to get the vegetables picked by the deadline.  🔊

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