Tincture in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tincture

a small hint of something

Examples of Tincture in a sentence

While the student slightly stuttered during her speech in class, I sensed a tincture of nervousness in her voice.  🔊

After the chef put a small pinch of cinnamon in the recipe, the customers tasted a tincture of the spice.  🔊

With the tincture of blood in the woman’s apartment, it would seem like the blood could have been from a nosebleed but the blood was much more sinister than that to the detective.  🔊

With such a tincture of blue in the greenish paint, everyone liked that the blue did not dominate the new greenish color.  🔊

Even though Karen’s boyfriend had never been arrested, he had a tincture of danger in him.  🔊

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