Topiary in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Topiary

the art of clipping shrubs into ornamental shapes

Examples of Topiary in a sentence

I like to engage in topiary from time to time, though my favorite shape to cut shrubs into is that of animals. 🔊

You can pay someone to practice topiary on the bushes in your yard, transforming them into more interesting shapes. 🔊

Topiary is an art form where the artist cuts a bush or a tree into an ornamental shape like a perfect circle or square. 🔊

I hired a gardener that practices topiary in my yard, and so far he has created a giraffe and an elephant out of my two favorite shrubs.  🔊

Topiary is kind of like sculpting, but instead of doing anything with clay you just sculpt a tree or a shrub into a different shape.  🔊

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