Undergrowth in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Undergrowth

plants, sprouts and bushes that develop beneath the primary taller foliage in a woodland

Examples of Undergrowth in a sentence

While the trees hovered overhead, only the hikers walking on the floor of the Amazon Rainforest could observe the undergrowth growing close to the ground. 🔊

In order to see the stalk and trunk of the tall trees, the undergrowth was cut down so everyone could see every tree’s bark. 🔊

Undergrowth blanketed the Thompson National Forest’s ground since rain caused it to grow for months. 🔊

Since the forest ranger wanted a small area of the forest to be covered with undergrowth, he sporadically planted seeds in the soil so it would grow in a few years. 🔊

The undergrowth of Rhododendrons, ferns and wild violets plagued the wooded area of the gardener’s yard so she eventually cut it down to grow grass instead. 🔊

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