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Definition of Tree

a woody perennial plant typically with a single trunk and lateral branches near the top that takes in carbon dioxide and produces oxygen

Examples of Tree in a sentence

The tree was struck by lightning, igniting it and starting a forest fire that spread to the other trees in the woods.  🔊

That tree has been in my yard for generations, its leaves providing shade for both my kids and my grandkids as they play in the grass.  🔊

The leaves of this tree are slowly dying, turning brown as winter approaches, though they will grow back later.  🔊

I planted a tree in my backyard with my son, but it will take many years before it grows to full size and provides my yard with the shade of its leaves.  🔊

We cut down the tree on the edge of the country road so we could use its trunk as lumber for our treehouse.  🔊

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