Trenchant in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Trenchant

sharp or cutting

Examples of Trenchant in a sentence

Sometimes your tone of voice is so trenchant that you come across as being a mean person. 🔊

Although the movie’s plot is exciting, the dialogue is boring and needs to be polished until it is more trenchant. 🔊

Marvin’s trenchant wit made him a popular speaker at conservative fundraisers. 🔊

Even though Kate is a trenchant person who knows a great deal, she does not always think fast on her feet. 🔊

The scientist’s trenchant observations made him the toast of the scientific community. 🔊

After listening to the debate, I reserved by most trenchant criticism for the politician who never actually answered any questions. 🔊

The frustrated student wrote a trenchant essay about the inedible lunchroom food. 🔊

Because the reporter made a trenchant comment on the president’s policies, he was banned from all presidential events. 🔊

The short-tempered actress was known for being trenchant with her employees. 🔊

Even after I read the critic’s trenchant review of the film, I still went and saw the movie. 🔊

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