Caustic in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Caustic

extremely sarcastic or critical

Examples of Caustic in a sentence

The comic’s caustic jokes offended quite a few people. 🔊

Being caustic to the receptionist is not going to get you in the doctor’s office any sooner. 🔊

After waiting over an hour for my food, I became caustic with the waitress. 🔊

Her caustic remarks made me sad. 🔊

Because my uncle was a mean man, he took pleasure in making caustic statements to people. 🔊

Jerry’s caustic tongue often got him into trouble. 🔊

Even though you are upset, you should realize that making caustic comments is not helping the situation. 🔊

Elizabeth’s caustic personality makes her ill-suited to be a flight attendant. 🔊

Although Jill made a caustic remark about her boss, she does not deserve to lose her job. 🔊

When Harold is in a bad mood, he can be very caustic with his wife. 🔊

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