Boorish in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Boorish

bad-mannered, rude, or insensitive

Examples of Boorish in a sentence

The comedian’s jokes were so vulgar and boorish that the only ones left in the audience were those who were too drunk to be offended.  🔊

Even though the pirate captain was brutal and boorish with his men, he was always courteous to the female captives.  🔊

Gideon’s boorish behavior in front of the judge earned him a night in jail for contempt of court.  🔊

After annoying all the cocktail waitresses for two hours, the boorish drunk was finally thrown out of the bar.  🔊

Whenever we find out that our boorish neighbor is going to have a cookout, we think up excuses to be away from home.  🔊

The hometown fans acted in such a boorish way toward the visiting team that they had to forfeit the game.  🔊

While it’s true that boys will be boys, Spencer and Jason’s boorish behavior during the pep rally landed them in the principal’s office.  🔊

While the cowboys handled themselves very well in town, they were anxious to relax and return to their boorish manners out on the trail.  🔊

Cindy was horrified at her boyfriend’s boorish behavior when she introduced him to her parents.  🔊

Many celebrities go to great lengths to avoid the paparazzi and their boorish invasion of privacy.  🔊

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