Trend in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Trend

something fashionable or popular for a finite period of time

Examples of Trend in a sentence

When Starbucks embraced the unicorn food trend with a new rainbow frappucino, they sold out in mere hours.  🔊

When Twilight came out in theaters, vampire books were the biggest trend in the book industry.  🔊

The stylist hoped that high-waisted shorts were just a trend, but after a few years and only increasing popularity among teens, the hideous shorts became a fashion staple.  🔊

Kylie Jenner started a trend of darkening and shading in her eyebrows that has evolved into a major make up technique.  🔊

When the successful businessman saw an emerging trend in fidget spinners, he invested a substantial amount of money in the stock.  🔊

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