Tumble in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tumble

to fall down over and over again

Examples of Tumble in a sentence

We installed a guard rail at the top of the steps to prevent the little boy from taking a tumble down two flights of stairs.  🔊

Jack began to tumble down the steep slope after he attempted to run up the side of a mountain to fetch a pail of water.  🔊

When the war broke out, stock prices took a tumble out of fear that the economy would suffer.  🔊

I knocked the intruder unconscious and tossed him over the railing and watched him tumble down the steps and out the front door.  🔊

Abigail and I attempted to dance the waltz at Rebecca’s wedding, only to tumble clumsily to the floor, falling on top of each other.  🔊

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