Uniformity in a Sentence  đź”Š

Definition of Uniformity

the state of overall sameness or being identical in every way

Examples of Uniformity in a sentence

Uniformity between the twins’ clothes made it to where even their own parents couldn’t tell them apart.  đź”Š

The uniformity of the neighborhood’s cookie-cutter houses made it hard to tell whose house was whose.  đź”Š

School principals believe that uniformity of the students’ clothing can reduce bullying since all the children will look identical.  đź”Š

Bringing uniformity to the way we bake our cupcakes will sell cupcakes to customers who value sameness.  đź”Š

The attorney insisted on uniformity of office files so that they all were set-up the same and he could find what he was looking for.  đź”Š

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