Cranky in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Cranky

ill-tempered, irritable, or agitated

Examples of Cranky in a sentence

My cranky girlfriend is making an effort to avoid looking or talking to me today since I irritated her with my comment about her weight this morning.  🔊

You might get cranky on the beach if you get too much sand in your swimming trunks, since nobody likes how irritating sand is.  🔊

Nothing makes me cranky like being woken up early in the morning for no real reason, since I hate waking up in the mornings.  🔊

No one likes to talk with a cranky person since they are usually irritable and unfriendly, two qualities that make for poor conversation.  🔊

My mother gets a little cranky when her youngest child makes a mess in the house, since it becomes her job to clean it up.  🔊

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