Perturbed in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Perturbed

worried or disturbed by something

Examples of Perturbed in a sentence

There is nothing that makes me more perturbed than being stuck on an airplane with a screaming baby. 🔊

When the host at the party made the racist comments, I was perturbed and left the event quickly.  🔊

Knowing there is a sex offender living in my neighborhood makes me very perturbed. 🔊

Although Sarah tried to play off the incident, she was really perturbed by her ex-boyfriend’s unannounced visit.  🔊

My cat is easily perturbed by even the slightest sounds.  🔊

Even though I know I am a great teacher, I am still perturbed by the thought of my supervisor observing me in my classroom.  🔊

After failing his last two history tests, Jack is quite perturbed about the final exam he has to take tomorrow.  🔊

Although she is a frequent traveler, Jamie is always perturbed when the airplane lands.  🔊

When my car started to make a weird noise, I became perturbed at the thought of being stranded in the middle of nowhere.  🔊

My coworker’s remarks about my figure perturbed me so I started to avoid him.  🔊

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