Unpretentious in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Unpretentious

not attempting to impress others with intelligence, money, style, importance, etc; modest

Examples of Unpretentious in a sentence

The girl next door portrayed herself in an unpretentious way so that she was beautiful without striving for attention.  🔊

Her unpretentious niece would wear simple clothing and she would do her own hair which made her friends jealous of her.  🔊

As the upstanding young man entered the room, his unpretentious nature led everyone to believe that he did not take time to consider his appearance  🔊

When the nonprofit club catered to helping the homeless, the unpretentious club donated money and time anonymously.  🔊

The most beautiful debutante was the girl wearing a simple unpretentious black dress with limited makeup and jewelry.  🔊

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