Usage in a Sentence  ๐Ÿ”Š

Definition of Usage

the action of something being used

Examples of Usage in a sentence

The usage of a car allows us humans to travel great distances in a short amount of time, something that has helped us develop as a civilization quickly.  ๐Ÿ”Š

The usage of an aircraft allows people to travel from one end of the earth to the other in a matter of days, a concept once completely alien to people of the past.  ๐Ÿ”Š

If thereโ€™s one thing my college professor really hates, itโ€™s the usage of cell phones by his students during his lecture.  ๐Ÿ”Š

Most people donโ€™t like getting up to change the channel on the television, so they appreciate the usage of a remote to make it easier.  ๐Ÿ”Š

The usage of a pen during a math test is a bad idea since you cannot erase your equation if you make a mistake.  ๐Ÿ”Š

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