Veracity in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Veracity

the quality of being truthful

Examples of Veracity in a sentence

Unless you get your information from a credible website, you should doubt the veracity of the facts until you have confirmed them elsewhere. 🔊

The police doubted the veracity of the suspect’s alibi. 🔊

Until James saw the pictures proving the veracity of his wife’s affair, he did not believe any of the rumors. 🔊

The teacher doubted the student’s veracity when he turned in a paper that had obviously been written by someone else. 🔊

Since the witness is a known enemy of the defendant, his testimony certainly needs to be evaluated for its veracity. 🔊

Only by reviewing the test data can we confirm the veracity of the company’s claims as far as weight loss success. 🔊

Although you and I both heard the same rumor about our company closing, we should not get upset until we verify the veracity of the information. 🔊

The judge would not admit the evidence in the trial because he doubted the veracity of the bloodstains. 🔊

Even though my friend believed in the veracity of the fortune-teller’s prediction, I had serious doubts about the woman’s ability to see the future. 🔊

Before the police arrest the suspect, they must first determine the veracity of the accusations. 🔊

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