Wanton in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Wanton

having no concern for the rights, feelings, or safety of others

Examples of Wanton in a sentence

After surveillance cameras failed to pick up the wanton destruction of the library, the county hired a security guard to patrol the building. 🔊

Although Harold is not a nice boy, I cannot believe he has been accused of wanton cruelty toward his neighbor’s dog. 🔊

The judge sentenced the teenage boy to two hundred hours of community service for his wanton acts of vandalism. 🔊

Jim’s wanton disregard for others was obvious when he drove home drunk. 🔊

The man is probably going to get the death penalty for his wanton killing of six schoolchildren. 🔊

When Sarah kissed her best friend’s husband, she showed a wanton disregard for her friend’s feelings. 🔊

The wanton destruction of the historic church drew outrage from all over the country. 🔊

Although Frank is usually a caring person, he exhibits a wanton personality and overlooks the feelings of others when he drinks too much beer. 🔊

Alice’s wanton nature led her to believe the laws that governed others did not apply to her. 🔊

Because many teenagers believe they are invincible, they often do wanton stunts to show their friends how carefree they are. 🔊

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