Resolute in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Resolute

very determined, persistent

Examples of Resolute in a sentence

After such a heart-breaking loss, every member of the team was more resolute than ever to win the next game against their arch-rivals.  🔊

With resolute concentration, Nadia made one final attempt to finish her balance beam routine without falling off.  🔊

Because Joan is unfailingly resolute about keeping a secret, all her friends use her as a confidante and sounding board.  🔊

Erin’s resolute shake of her head told me that it was useless to try to change her mind.  🔊

Holly promised her fiancé that once they were married, she would be resolute about sticking to a budget.  🔊

After such discouraging results from the pre-election polls, Sawyer was touched that his supporters remained resolute in their loyalty.  🔊

Tyler knew from his wife’s resolute attitude that there was no point in trying to explain why he had lipstick on his collar.  🔊

Although I know that Patrick has always had a stubborn streak, I have never seen him as resolute as he is right now.  🔊

Diane sat immovable and resolute on the porch swing as she waited for Blake to apologize.  🔊

Philip was resolute in his wish to be a good host to Peter, even though they had loved the same woman, who was now Peter’s wife.  🔊

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