Wax in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Wax

to expand or enlarge in appearance, amount or power

Examples of Wax in a sentence

As she got to know the young man’s wonderful personality, the young girl’s love for him began to wax to the point that she could see marrying him. 🔊

When the population began to wax, there were fewer jobs and much more pollution in the city. 🔊

Fear in the child started to wax as the night got darker and he started to hear more unusual sounds outside his bedroom door. 🔊

After the home team scored a goal during the hockey game, the cheers from the crowd would wax but would then wane when everyone calmed down.  🔊

Once I realized that I had put on so much weight and could not fit into my clothes any more, my desire to diet and exercise began to wax.  🔊

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