Yuletide in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Yuletide

an old term for the Christmas season

Examples of Yuletide in a sentence

Yuletide is a time in which we celebrate Christmas, but for a lot of people that season is mostly just about presents and snow.  🔊

You will know when Yuletide is coming based on how many Christmas cartoons are beginning to come on television.  🔊

The Yuletide season is my favorite, since it includes presents, snow, and of course Christmas, which is the best holiday of all.  🔊

I cannot imagine how some people could dislike the Yuletide season, considering how great and wonderful Christmas is.  🔊

Yuletide is a somewhat older term used to refer to the Christmas season, though there are a small handful of people that still use it.  🔊

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