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Definition of Abstinence

the act of not taking part in something

Examples of Abstinence in a sentence

According to my religion, one should refrain from having sex and practice abstinence until marriage.

Abstinence from smoking is now mandatory on commercial airlines.

Because of strong family support, Frank has been able to maintain his abstinence from alcohol for over twelve years.

The goal of the church’s teen youth group is to promote abstinence from sex, drugs, and alcohol.

When Gail was asked if the nicotine patch helped preserve her abstinence from smoking, she stated the item was very helpful.

The nun’s commitment to the church requires she maintain an abstinence from all things that are not sacred.

Because I am a diabetic, I plan my menus with a focus on abstinence from sugar.

Abstinence from sex is the only sure way to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

On certain religious holidays, the people in my family eat only fish and maintain an abstinence from other meats.

After two weeks of abstinence from unhealthy foods, Sophia started to feel fitter.

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