Repose in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Repose

a state of rest, sleep, or tranquility

Examples of Repose in a sentence

When you begin to meditate, you need to sit in repose and try to empty your mind of all thoughts.  🔊

Not wishing to disturb whatever might be lying in repose, the troop tiptoed past the cave.  🔊

Sometimes, when I don’t want anyone to bother me, I go to the public library, my favorite place of repose.  🔊

Everyone’s life should have a balance: work and play, activity and repose.  🔊

Anyone who’s ever been through a hurricane will tell you that the eye may indicate a sense of repose, but don’t be fooled by this deceptive signal.  🔊

Every morning, the queen retreated to the chapel for a time of prayer and solitary repose.  🔊

The deer lay in repose in the shadows of the forest, blessedly unaware that hunting season had begun.  🔊

To paraphrase an old saying, there’s no repose for the wicked; some of the truly wicked would probably disagree.  🔊

After the chaos of tax season every year, Don looks forward to several weeks of quiet repose.  🔊

When they’re not lying around in repose, the monkeys at the zoo are hilarious to watch.  🔊

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