Inefficacious in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Inefficacious

not producing the desired effect

Examples of Inefficacious in a sentence

Liam thought that if he bought Julie flowers and expensive gifts she would reciprocate his love but his tactic was inefficacious.  🔊

When the army’s strategy proved inefficacious, they switched tactics and incorporated guerrilla warfare.  🔊

After following the recipe exactly and continously producing lumpy macarons, the baker threw out the inefficacious recipe and searched for a new one.  🔊

The police chief implemented several community-based tactics designed to erradicate crime, but they proved inefficacious and crime continued to rise.  🔊

The cardiologist prescribed a cocktail of medication in hopes of lowering the patient’s high blood pressure, but the combination was inefficacious.  🔊

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