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10 example sentences for Apropos

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Apropos - Definition

»  fitting; at the right time

Use Apropos in a sentence

  • Justine’s apropos comment fit in perfectly with our discussion.

  • Because my bills were due, the financial gift from my father arrived apropos.

  • While the words may seem a bit strange, they are apropos and relate to the topic we are discussing.

  • I always invite Chuck to my parties because he has the gift of making apropos remarks which put people at ease.

  • Since Henry just left the room, this is the apropos moment for us to discuss his surprise party.

  • If we cannot get the opera singer for the event, what other artist would be apropos for the gala?

  • When I was feeling depressed, I received a care package from my mother apropos.

  • The police arrived apropos at the jewelry store and were able to catch the burglars.

  • Even though no one expected Bill to talk at the wedding reception, his apropos speech ended the evening on a good note.

  • The judge decided the audiotape would be allowed in the trial because it was apropos to the case.

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Apropos Synonyms

appropriate, fitting, befitting, pertinent, proper, relevant, suitable

Apropos Antonyms

inappropriate, irrelevant, pointless

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