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10 example sentences for Brusque

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Brusque - Definition

»  blunt in manner or speech to the point of harshness

Use Brusque in a sentence

  • What did I do to make you so brusque with me?

  • The salesgirl’s brusque manner made me change my mind about shopping in the store.

  • The brusque server will not be getting a tip from me!

  • When we met in person, she came across as rather brusque.

  • Because they are so busy, flight attendants often appear brusque.

  • Even though my doctor has been brusque with me at times, I still like him because he is generally a nice person.

  • In certain cultures, it is natural for single women to be brusque when approached by men they do not know.

  • Exhausted by a twelve hour flight, the singer had to work hard to not be brusque with her fans.

  • Since he had burned so many bridges with his brusque attitude, no one wanted to work with him.

  • After the home invasion, Margaret was brusque with every stranger who came to her front door.

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Brusque Synonyms

harsh, hasty, blunt, crusty, impolite, rough, curt, rude, unmannerly

Brusque Antonyms

patient, civil, gentle, courteous, accommodating, gracious, polite, well-mannered

Related Forms

brusquely (adverb), brusqueness (noun)

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